IMEs and Expert Witnesses

Experts Available Nationwide

Our experts thoroughly review the medical records, conduct an independent evaluation of the individual, and provide a written opinion on the findings. The narrative report consists of the experts’ opinions regarding causal relationship, degree of disability, objective findings, need for future treatment, ability to return to work, and/or specific questions requested by the client. Our experts are highly qualified in their fields and experienced trial experts.

Nurse Chronologies

Expert Nurse Panel

Our nurse chronologies include a medical summary of the case, definitions, an abbreviation guide, a detailed chronological analysis of the germane medical conditions and relevant issues presented. Legal Med’s panel includes actively practicing nurses and nurse paralegals who specialize in various areas including geriatric medicine, emergency medicine, and general practice care. The chronologies are distinguished by their clarity and timeliness with which they are delivered to clients.

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Medical Record and Film Reviews

Fast Turnaround Times

We understand the medical records and films provided by our clients are the most substantial evidence needed for an experts’ review. Legal Med provides our experts with a chronological set, withholding all duplicate records in order to streamline the experts’ review. Once records are reviewed, our experts provide an opinion based on the objective findings found within the file.


Record and Film Retrieval

Comprehensive Collection

Legal Med obtains medical records and films for our clients. Once provided with the appropriate authorizations, we reach out to all providers and obtain the medical records and imaging studies for the individual involved. Once records and films are obtained, Legal Med provides our clients with a copy of them. Our thorough and efficient process allows for our clients to obtain the records in a timely fashion.